STN5The first Asset backed ERC20 token.

Why STN5?

It's time to take control of our food systems and drive the improvements we want.

Dividends & Capital Growth

Earn dividends as your capital value grows through asset-backed real supply chain business expansion.

NFT Asset-Backed Security

All project assets are tracked on the blockchain, as unique NFTs. These are grouped and linked to the STN5 tokens, so you can see what assets back your portfolio.

The STN5 Team

Decades of experience in fintech and blockchain development have come together to create a new approach to provenance.

Warwick Powell


Charles Turner-Morris


Thomas Miller

Solutions Architect

Lucas Cullen

Solutions Architect

Santiago Del Valle

Android & Web Developer

Barry Earsman

Full Stack Developer

Adrian Anderson

User Experience Designer


2021 and beyond

April 2021

ERC20 Securitisation Offer Made Available

​Launched an NFT Asset Backed Token on Uniswap.

Q3 2021

Expand Underlying Asset Base through acquistion

​As the SNT5 price grows tokens will be sold off from the reserve account and converted into real tangible assets and registered under the assets tab. STN5 token holders can check the assets are accruing in value.

Q4 2022

Integrate Asset Tracking with Satellite Tags & Daily Weighing

​STN has been experimenting with real-time data on assets via satellite link. We're also integrating with on-farm weighing systems. This will provide more transparency on asset backed ERC20 tokens.

2020 Some Milestones

May 2020

3 Year project agreement signed with QUT and FFS

Future Food Systems CRC (Cooperative Research Centre) and QUT (Queensland University of Technology are committed to R&D funding to develop Smart Trade Hubs with our Technology.

March 2020

Successful Livestock Supply Chain Tracking

​Smart Trade Networks has successfully tracked 91 Cattle, plus boxed beef products in China on the STN Ethereum side chain.

Jan 2021

Implemented ERC998 Grouping

​Connected a group of NFT Assets to an ERC20 contract.

Project Updates

Here's what's happening recently on the STN5 project

Smart Trade Networks

Feb 2

​VeriDoc Global is pleased to announce a partnership with Smart Trade Networks.

Smart Trade Networks

April 25

​Learn more about Smart Trade Networks at this Medium article.

Smart Trade Networks

May 4

​STN enters into carbon abatements certificates market.